It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves
 Sri Lanka is known for its hidden treasures and one of it is the most exotic and valuable gems. One of the most popular gems, the moonstone is striking for its pale blue transparent stone that shimmers.

At Meetiyagoda, you can view for yourself the art of mining these stones.  The miners work delicately in a combination of manual effort and the use machinery such as shafts to bring this stone from the river bed to its surface.

The adjoining factory cuts, polishes and sets the stones into glamorous jewellery. Be sure to visit the showroom for beautiful pieces of this art.

Inspiration the seed. Design but the flower.


This is one of the attractions Sri Lanka. Kande Viharaya in Aluthgama is so named as it is perched peacefully atop a hill. An ancient temple built in the year 1734, one of its more newer additions is the towering seated Buddha statue that can be seen from a great distance away.

The temple also showcases some of the most captivatingly painted walls depicting stories of the life of Lord Buddha.

Great design is eliminating all unnecessary details.



As for the Galle activities, the seaside city of Galle dates back to the sixteenth century and stood accumulating its rich culture through the colonial periods of the Portuguese, Dutch and British. Today Galle is an archeological treasure trove.

The ancient Fort, a UNESCO World Heritage site, winds its way in a great circuit and is one of the most pleasant strolls by evening. The Dutch Reformed Church is the oldest of the many churches and was originally built in 1640. Its floor is paved with gravestones from the old Dutch cemetery and also houses an impressive pulpit.

The life of a designer is a life of fight: fight against the ugliness.


Sri Lanka is a major location for whale watching in Mirissa and it is situated within an international whaling commission's protected zone in Indian Ocean. The sight of these magnificent, giant creatures as the rise high in the air draws many marine enthusiasts to Mirissa.

In search of whales who naturally prefer deeper waters, start the day very early and enjoy a cool, breezy ride farther out to ocean. Increased sighting of both blue whales and sperm whales can be expected during the months of January to April due to migration patterns.